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Private Investigators In Dallas, TX

Looking for a private investigator in the Dallas, TX area? If you are victim of a crime, fraud, infidelity or deception, or your in the middle of custody battle then you have reached the experts of uncovering the TRUTH. We understand your frustration with not being able to get concrete answers and we can help you.

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  • Licensed & insured
  • FREE consultation
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  • 24-7 availability
  • 100% confidentiality
  • The latest high-tech equipment
  • Experts at covert surveillance

Our Services

Poseidon Investigations provides a variety of investigative services. The following are some of the services we provide:

  • Fraud Investigations – investigations of advance payment schemes, investment frauds, etc.
  • Company / Corporate Investigations – employment fraud and theft investigations.
  • Infidelity/Cheater Investigations investigations of suspected cheating husbands, wives and partners.
  • Divorce & Custody Battle Investigations – divorce investigations, including custody battles.
  • Background Checks and Investigations – background checks, for individuals and companies.
  • AND MORE! - we investigate almost everything!

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Our private investigators are EAGER to help you, but maybe you are a little hesitant about contacting us. We understand but we truly want to help you. That is why your 100% confidential consultation is 100% FREE. What's the harm in weighing your options by giving us a call?

Fraud Investigators Are In Demand

All of us are victims of fraud. Whether it be an advance payment scheme or an investment scam, fraud hurts us both financially and emotionally. Fraud happens to innocent individuals everyday, then their case passes over an agent or officer's desk and goes straight to the trash bin. Many well respected law enforcement agents are just too busy to deal with your case. This is why fraud investigators, such as myself and my investigators, are in demand. You've been defruaded and you want payback - you want to catch the fraudster. Our investigative agency is prepared to assist with your fraud investigation: 

  • Former FBI Special Agents, White Collar Crimes division
  • Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)
  • Asset Recovery Specialists
  • Offshore Asset Experts

Our investigative agency is prepared to assist with your fraud investigation. Please contact us soon for a free consultation regarding your investigation. Fraud investigators are standing by for your call.

Private Investigator Divorce & Custody Battles

Our firm is composed of private investigators specializing in divorce and custody battles. During and before a divorce or child custody battle, it is easy to lose your bearing, feel powerless, and give up. You may be afraid of losing custody of your children, losing your house or losing a large part of your livelihood. For now, take a deep breathe, you have found the right private investigator divorce agency to assist you in protecting your interests and fight your custody battle. 

FREE Consultation!

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Catch A Cheater | Infidelity Investigations

Do you want to know how to catch your cheating husband, wife, spouse or partner? Does your gut tell you that your spouse is cheating on you? Maybe you have seen the signs - lying, working late, late night phone calls. You can't him/her yourself, you need professional help to a cheater.

My advice: contact us BEFORE you confront your spouse or partner about him/her cheating. Do not let them know you are aware they are having an affair. Why? Because, a secret and covert cheater investigation is pure GOLD. We have successfully completed many infidelity cases which have taught us a few things; what works and doesn't work. We found that no matter the outcome of a case, people are satisfied they spent the money on a private investigator. Please contact us today for a free confidential review of your matter. Our number is listed above.

Welcome To Poseidon Private Investigations, The Premier Private Investigators Agency In Dallas, TX.