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Looking for a private investigator in the Dallas, TX area? If you are victim of a crime, fraud, infidelity or deception you have arrived at your final destination. We understand your frustration with not being able to uncover the truth, and we can help.

Why Choose Poseidon Investigations?

We are the home for professional private investigators in Dallas.You have found a reliable partner to help with your confidential matters. We handle both simple and complex cases for individuals, companies, and law firms alike. We are a specialized tool at your disposal:

High-Tech Tools 

Why Choose Us?

Network of Experts

+ Sophisticated databases

+ Hidden HD cameras

+ GPS tracking devices

+ Digital DSLR cameras

+ Multiple surveillance vans

+ Licensed & insured

+ Affordably-priced

+ 24-7 availability

+ FREE consultation

+100% confidentiality

+ Former FBI Special Agents

+ Former police officers

+ Certified Fraud Examiners

+ Covert surveillance experts

+ Other experts...

You can also rest assured that your expectations for a high-quality work product, and fast turn-around will be fulfilled. We have the know-how and can-do spirit to get the answers you are seeking. Call for a free consultation.

Our Services

Poseidon Investigations provides a variety of investigative services, all of which we excel at. The following are some of the services we provide:


Our private investigators are eager to help you, but maybe you are a little hesitant about contacting us. We understand but we truly want to help you. That is why your 100% confidential consultation is 100% FREE. What's the harm in weighing your options by giving us a call?

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